September 23, 2017

Washington Post: Democrats’ grueling path back to power, in 2 maps

Democrats' best hope in many swing states is to win the governor's mansion, where they could at least have veto power over the maps drawn by GOP-controlled legislatures. Without that, they may be in for 10 more years in the political wilderness.

By Aaron Blake

Washington Post


It’s difficult say succinctly just how difficult Democrats’ path back to power is. They are still winning the popular vote for president, after all, and they seem to have both the House and the Senate majorities within grasp if the cards fall right! How bad could it really be?

But Democrats’ ability to regain power on a sustained basis is a much tougher proposition. It will basically require one or both of two things: 1) a realignment that shifts the U.S. political center to the left, and/or 2) somehow clawing back from their historically bad position in state legislatures. …

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