Case Study: Virginia

Democratic Governor Terry McAuliffe Fights for Fairness

The Associated Press summed it up best: “Take a look at Virginia’s congressional delegation and you might think it’s the same old reliably Republican state that backed 10 GOP presidential candidates in a row, starting with Richard Nixon in 1968. But that 8-3 Republican advantage in the delegation is misleading. Democrats have won every recent statewide election.”

For too long, Republicans have controlled redistricting in Virginia, putting partisanship first. Fortunately, Democratic Governor Terry McAuliffe is now a backstop to stop gerrymandered maps.

Republicans pushed through controversial redistricting maps in 2012 and they’ve been fighting ever since to keep those gerrymandered lines in place — despite courts ruling that the

Republican map was an unconstitutional racial gerrymander.

As Republicans are forced to re-draw the lines yet again, Governor McAuliffe’s veto-power will be critical and could potentially force the courts to re-draw Virginia’s map.

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