Case Study: Missouri

Republicans push for "Dirty" Missouri

Missouri’s congressional districts are drawn by the state legislature and subject to veto by the governor. In 2010, a Republican majority redrew maps to contain Democratic majorities in just two districts, and split remaining Democrats between the other six. This tactic, known as ‘packing’ and ‘cracking’ put Democrats in Missouri at an unfair disadvantage.

After a statewide initiative spent a year collecting signatures, the Clean Missouri Amendment was added to the ballot in 2018, asking Missourians if they were in favor of steps to prevent gerrymandering. The measure “put a non-partisan demographer in charge of drawing districts” and making “partisan fairness one of the top criteria the mapmaker must follow.” It passed with the support of 62% of Missouri voters.

Republican officials immediately began pushing for a new ballot measure to reverse the Clean Missouri Amendment’s protections, otherwise known as “Dirty” Missouri. Republican Governor Mike Parson supports this new trojan horse and put it back on the ballot in November of 2020 to try and retain his power to gerrymander districts. This is just the latest example of what lengths Republican governors will go to maintain the rigged maps that keep them in power and chip away at the idea of “one person, one vote.”

Luckily, we have a great candidate for Governor in Missouri who will stand up to this political corruption. Missouri Auditor Nicole Galloway, the only Democratic elected statewide official and candidate for Governor, has been strongly against the “Dirty Missouri” scam and supports the progress made under the Clean Missouri Amendment that was passed by voters. As Governor, she would ensure Missouri’s districts are drawn fairly — which means that the Governor’s race in Missouri this year will have a huge impact on redistricting in 2021 and beyond.

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