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January 7, 2016

Daily Press: Judge Orders New Lines For 3rd Congressional District

By Dave Ress
Daily Press
A nearly quarter-century-old linking of Hampton Roads and Richmond on Capitol Hill came to an end Thursday as a federal appeals court judge ordered new lines for congressional districts in Hampton Roads, Richmond and western Tidewater.
U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Albert Diaz’s order brings all of Newport News into one district.
The new lines are to be in place in time…

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January 4, 2016

Colorado Public Radio: Minority Groups Knock Redistricting Ballot Measure

By Vic Vela
Colorado Public Radio
A proposed ballot measure that would change the way Colorado’s political maps are drawn is being criticized by some minority groups and lawmakers.
Currently, the state Legislature determines Colorado’s congressional districts after each census. The ballot measure would shift that responsibility to a 12-member independent commission made up of four Democrats,…

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December 18, 2015

Wisconsin Public Radio: Federal Judges Say Gerrymandering Suit Can Continue In Wisconsin

By Shawn Johnson
Wisconsin Public Radio
A federal three-judge panel has ruled that a gerrymandering lawsuit challenging Wisconsin’s political map can now proceed.
The state Department of Justice had asked judges to dismiss the case, but in a 24-page order, judges rejected that motion, writing that the DOJ’s arguments were “unpersuasive or premature.”
The lawsuit was brought by a group…

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December 11, 2015

Daily Press: Hopeful Signs on Redistricting Reform in Virginia, Advocates Say

By Dave Ress
Daily Press
The redistricting process is easy, the lawyer leading one of three legal challenges to Virginia’s gerrymandered election districts says — unless your primary objective is to protect incumbents.
Wyatt Durrette,a Republican stalwart who was the party’s nominee for governor in 1985, told a group of five dozen Peninsula business and civic leaders that he had a chance to see…

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December 8, 2015

Roll Call: High Court Ensures Quick Legal Path in Redistricting Challenges

By Todd Ruger
Roll Call
Lawsuits that challenge congressional redistricting plans must be allowed to follow a streamlined legal path that more quickly reaches the Supreme Court, the justices ruled Tuesday.
The Supreme Court’s unanimous decision found that a 1910 law, updated in 1976, requires such lawsuits to be heard by a three-judge panel of district court judges. The ruling reversed the U.S. Court of…

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November 24, 2015

Bloomberg BNA: Supreme Court Digs Into Redistricting

By Kimberly Robinson
Bloomberg BNA
Nov. 23 — The U.S. Supreme Court’s docket is crowded with voter redistricting disputes this term.
The high court already heard a procedural redistricting dispute, Shapiro v. McManus, U.S., No. 14-990, argued, 11/4/15 (84 U.S.L.W. 615, 11/10/15), and the justices recently agreed to take a look at a racial gerrymandering challenge to Virginia’s latest voter map…

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November 5, 2015

Bloomberg Business: Fighting For Fair Maps: This Trial Could Change Voting Districts

By Karen Weise
Bloomberg Business 
After the 2010 census, the Wisconsin Legislature’s Republican leadership asked an outside attorney to advise it on redrawing district maps. The lawyer, hired at taxpayers’ expense, did his work in a private map room, which Republicans could enter only if they signed a confidentiality agreement. That offer didn’t extend to Democrats, who first saw the proposed…

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October 8, 2015

Huffington Post: This Supreme Court Case Could Upend The Way Democracy Works

By Samantha Lachman
Huffington Post
WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court this term could change how states meet the basic democratic goal of “one person, one vote.” Ironically, a victory for the conservative plaintiffs who brought the case may turn on a national survey that Republicans have tried to eliminate.
In the Supreme Court case of Evenwel v. Abbott, the plaintiffs argue that the…

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October 5, 2015

Washington Post: A Reason To Vote In State And Local Elections

Washington Post
The Sept. 30 editorial “The noncompete state” seemed to justify why Virginia voters disengage even while it decried Republican efforts to block redistricting reform and argued that Virginia’s legislature is turning into a Politburo.
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October 2, 2015

The Virginian Pilot: New Maps For Voting Districts Are On The Way

The Virginia Pilot
If you’re reading this, there’s a decent chance that next November you’ll vote in a congressional district different from the one you’re in now.
That’s because Virginia lawmakers drew boundaries for the 3rd congressional district in a way that was so absurd and so blatantly unconstitutional that federal judges struck it down and ordered it…

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