March 14, 2020

Capital Gazette: Michael Malone: If Virginia can end gerrymandering, Maryland can too


By Michael Malone

Capital Gazette

Last year’s U.S. Supreme Court Benisek v. Lamone decision, which arose from Maryland’s grotesquely gerrymandered congressional districts, squarely placed redistricting reform in the hands of individual states.

I agree with the court’s blistering dissent in Benisek: “artificially drawn districts shift influence from swing voters to party-base voters who participate in primaries; make bipartisanship and pragmatic compromise politically difficult or impossible; and drive voters away from an ever more dysfunctional political process…. creating a legislative environment that is both ‘toxic’ and ‘tribal’… Gerrymandering, in short, helps create the polarized political system that so many Americans loathe.”

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